Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Dhairat us-Salihiyya double birthday celebration

THE Ad-Dhairat us-Salihiyya Dhikr Group in Cape Town held an auspicious commemoration of the Prophet Muhammad's birth at Masjid ul-Khair in Mitchells Plain recently. It was also a celebration of the birthday of its Shaykhah and leader, Hajjah Naeema Manie.

A special guest of honour was Shaykh Muhammad ibn Yahya al-Ninowy of the Madinah Institute, who gave a short talk. Also present were the mosque imams, Shaykh Riyad Fataar and Shaykh Zaid Fataar and Hafiz Mahmood Khatib. 

In a touching ceremony, Hajjah Naeema asked Shaykh Ninowy for the traditional baya (oath of allegiance). In response, Shaykh Ninowy said he would not only give Hajjah Naeema his ceremonial  hand, but give her ijaza (permission) in all the Sufi Orders he is permitted to practice.

The moving mawlud was concluded with exquisite birthday cakes given to Hajjah Naeema and Shaykh Ninowy by the members of the Dhikr Group.

Shaykh Ninowy gives his ijaza to Hajjah Naeema.

Masjid ul-Khair's beautiful interior.
The crowd stands for the final verses of the salawat, greetings of peace on the Prophet Muhammad [pbuh].

From l-r: Shaykh Zaid Fataar, Shaykh Riyad Fataar, Hafiz Mahmood Khatib and Shaykh Ninowy.

Shaykh Ninowy delivers his talk.

Hajjah Naeema reads the riwayat, the verses of the Barzanji Mawlud, or devotional poem.

A large crowd attended bedecked in white with green scarves..

From l-r: Hafiz Mahmod Khatib, Hajjah Naeema and Shaykh Ninowy.

Cutting the cake.

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