Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Naqshbandi Shaikh in Cape Town

THE next guide in what is called the "Golden Chain" of Naqshbandi Shaikhs, Shaikh Muhammad 'Adil al-Haqqani, briefly visited the Cape with his brother, Shaikh Bauhideen. The previous Shaikh of the Sufi order, Shaikh Naazim - who was based in Lefke, Cyprus -  passed away in May this year, aged 92.

Shaikh Muhammad, who is renowned for his humility and who is the eldest son of Shaikh Naazim, only started giving public addresses when his father fell seriously ill. This, in spite of the mantle having been passed on to him in 2011. During his visit, Shaikh Muhammad spent time with his followers, conducting the Jumu'ah - or Friday prayers - in the townships where the Naqshbandi have been working for several years under the leadership of Shaikh Yusuf da Costa.   

Shaikh Muhammad
ShaikhYusuf da Costa
Sh Yusuf da Costa,Shaikh Muhammad and Shaikh Bauhideen
Dhikr at the Azzawia in Cape Town
Enjoying the Thursday evening in Cape Town
Sh Muhammad, 'Isha Sunnah prayer. 
Young and old
Crowd enjoying dhikr, remembrance of Allah
Shaikh Muhammad enjoys recitation of nasheed.
Shaikh Bauhideen, addressing Islamia College Hall function
Bay'ah with the Shaikh, Islamia.
Women take bay'ah
The entourage.

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