Friday, February 26, 2016

A Drop of the Mercy Ocean

This very simple, but beautiful nasihah (piece of advice) was found written on an envelope I discovered in my files the other day. It is dated November 1997, the time when the great sage, Shaikh Naazim 'Adil al-Haqqani visited  Cape Town, South Africa.

" cannot reach dunya (the material world), it will always run from you. Run after moula (Lordship) not dunya. Learn to know about your Creator, ask him [for the favours] look for the real diamond. Allah, the Almighty, said He was the Hidden Treasure, not dunya. Get to know Him, learn to ask Him from the skies reaching the Mercy Ocean. The dunya people can't find one drop in the Ocean. People in the dunya are angry. Remember, the very dirtiest level of existence is under the dunya. Tariqat (the spiritual way) calls people to reach Allah, the eternal servants of the Great Sultan...

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