Monday, January 20, 2014

Mass Mawlud Cape Town 2014: colours and textures

THE Mass Mawlud 2014 - a commemoration of the Prophet Muhammad's [pbuh] birthday over 1,435 years ago - took place at the old Green Point Track, where five decades previously the well-known Indo-Pak scholar, Maulana Abdul 'Alim Siddiqui, had addressed 30,000 people.

Special guests were provincial premier Helen Zille, Mayor Patricia de Lille and ANC Deputy International Relations and Co-operation Minister and local ANC leader, Marius Fransman.
Fransman saluted the Prophet (pbuh) as a leader of the poor and downtrodden, De Lille paid tribute to the faith and strength of the community and Zille spoke about the universal spiritual light that brought people together.
Keynote speaker, Shaikh Muhammad ibnYahya Ninowy, said that all humans were born in a prison called life in which we were all sentenced to death.
But the person who embraced the mentality of an inmate would not be successful in the prison. A prophet called Muhammad (SAW) came to mankind and taught us that the sky was not the roof of a cage, but the beginning of something far greater.
Society today was experiencing a spiritual drought; faith had been shrivelled up into the dry formats of “do’s’ and “don’ts”, of hollow rituality without substance. This, said Shaikh Ninowy, was not the message of Muhammad (SAW). His message was of liberality, of setting the human spirit free.
Photos  © Shafiq Morton

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