Monday, April 29, 2013

Habibia celebrates 100

Over the weekend the Habibia mosque in Cape Town celebrated the 100th  anniversary of Maulana Abdul Latief al-Chistiyyah (ra) the founder of the institution, which includes a mosque complex, an orphanage and a school. It started as a corrugated iron shack in a then desolate area of Cape Town called the Cape Flats.

The Maulana predicted that it would eventually become a "city", and today the mosque complex is situated in the flourishing suburb of Rylands Estate. His 100th anniversary also marked the renovation of his mazaar, which is in the mosque grounds. Guest speaker was Shaikh Ahmad Sa'ad al-Hasani, a descendant of the Holy Prophet who spoke about ihsan, or character excellence.

© Photos Shafiq Morton

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