Monday, August 13, 2012

The Cape of Storms

OVER the weekend Cape Town was hit by a massive cold front that brought north-westerly gales and driving rain. These frontal systems rumble in from the south Atlantic and have been the cause of many a shipwreck.

The Sea Point beachfront has claimed many wrecks in the past 300 years and these pics show why Cape Town is sometimes known as the Cape of Storms. Out to sea the swells were 4-5 metres.

A lonely ship fights a raging swell and gale in Table Bay.
Sea Point Pavilion, a popular summer spot is hammeered
by a series of angry waves.

The force of the Atlantic explodes in a ball of energy.

The Sea Point promenade gets smashed.

A ship crashes into the the swells, Table Bay.

In the rain and gale force winds, the sea gathers energy.

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